Friday, July 5, 2013

Race Track Map - Betting House

I've finished up the betting house so players can wager on their favorite jockeys/horses. The majority of the work was cosmetic (thankfully) with most of the redstone work done already.

Here's a look at the entry to "Honest Bob's" Betting House. I got tired of quartz for all the buildings and decided to try birch walls instead.

This is a "merged" area, meaning there's a security checkpoint for the VIP set of doors. The ones pictured here are the spectator entrance, thus wood (and no real need for a checkpoint).

Inside, we have a setup similar to the lottery booth. Simply toss a gold nugget into the hopper of your choice to bet for the color you think will win. At the options/announcer booth, I placed a command block informing players that a new race is starting and the betting can begin!

Note that all the currency (I chose gold, with nuggets being the base denomination) could be changed if you so desired. All it would take is changing the command blocks to give something else, except for the slot machine. That's easy too, just change the contents of the droppers and the signs reflecting the prizes.

On the other side of the room, you can read the rules of play, payouts, and course see the bookie! He's purely cosmetic, but it adds a nice touch to have an actual bookie area.

I wanted to start work on the "mini mall", but alas I decided upon one more gambling game to build. After some research, I settled upon a version of 21 using the roll of a die. It sort of fills the void of both craps and blackjack, which technically could be done in Minecraft, but take a ton of redstone to work properly. I simply don't have the patience, and this in my opinion will be "good enough". The focus is the race track - everything else is just icing on the cake.

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