Thursday, July 4, 2013

Race Track Map - Winning and More Redstone

When this map is done, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an audible 'hum' coming from all the redstone running through it! It's getting to the point that almost every block under the grass or floor hides yet more circuitry. I spent the vast majority of the day's work on wiring logic circuits and writing commands. Honestly, I think that if I didn't have some background in computer programming I would be totally lost trying to figure it all out.

The real pain to doing redstone is twofold - not only do you have the programming aspect to deal with, but you also have to think spatially in three dimensions (well, four if you consider time a dimension and are dealing with signal delay). It's enough to make most people just shut down and go dig tunnels to forget.

That said, there's not much in the way of 'pretties' to show you today (unless of course you like seeing rows of wiring, repeaters, and command blocks).

I rewired the ticket booth when I came up with the idea of having "merged areas" where spectators and VIPs/jockeys could both visit. The problem I could foresee was people paying the cheaper "spectator price" for entry, then via the merged areas slip into the VIP sections.

I fixed that by tagging each person that pays to enter with a digital stamp so to speak (scoreboard for the win yet again). Iron doors are used  to keep people out of areas they shouldn't be, and only open if the person has the proper "clearance". Come to think of it, that would be a neat idea for a totally different type of adventure map - a spy thriller/espionage kind of thing... hmmm... well, that's a project for another time!

Anyway, the rewiring came with a remodeling job as well, so there's the new and improved ticket booth.

This image shows a bit of what little decor fun I got to have today. The gambling rooms both got big gold signs, and the lottery house received a facelift.

Around the top of the building there is now a marquee made of redstone lamps, and it has become the first "merged" area of the map. I figured with a new drawing held every 5 minutes, everyone would want to play sooner or later... might as well open it up for all players!

The really BIG thing I added today was an automatic payout system for the winners of the race. I had the foresight to code in a way to pay out people betting on the races as well, and have already laid the foundation for the betting house.

The next time I work on the project (it's Independence Day here in the States), I should have the betting house up and running. It's actually going to work quite similarly to the lottery booth, so I know the wiring for this pretty much by memory.

I keep talking about vending machines and have yet to actually show you what I'm going on about... so I checked youtube and found a couple of wonderful builds. I'll post my favorite below by none other than the wonderful Minecraftwithdummies, who has several ideas I've borrowed from so far (don't worry, full credit is always given!)

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