Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Unique Mods

I typically don't post mod spotlight videos on here, but these are so unique (and sometimes freaky) that I really wanted to mention them.

The first one is called the Clones mod, and while on the surface it allows you a way to spawn mobs in survival, it's capable of much more. If you clone a player (such as yourself), it can level, eat food, and do a variety of useful tasks. When you give it gear, it's smart enough to not only equip it but to upgrade to the best option it has available. When the clone is given a task, it will often do the job faster and more efficiently than you can... and that's where it gets weird.

This mod has basically found a way to make NPCs that can do just about everything you can, only better. Let's just hope the clones never get any smarter, or they'll realize the players are inferior and boom, SkyNet. :-P

So, what do you do once you create an army of clones to do everything for you? Sit back and surf the web, of course! The Laptop mod allows you to create a big flatscreen computer monitor in your world which you can use to browse websites. What's more, it actually plays YouTube videos - even the fullscreen function works! You could very well use this to make a movie theater in Minecraft that plays real videos.

The thought of actually using both of those mods in the manner I described sounds a bit bizarre though. You'd be playing a game, but having the game play for you, while visiting real life websites inside the virtual game world... oh, I've just gone cross-eyed trying to comprehend it. I'm pretty sure there's a paradox in there somewhere, and attempting it might cause a rip in the fabric of reality. ;-)

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