Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on Rift Spread Issue

Once I was able to ascertain the cause of my mob spawning issues, I thought about the situation. The rift spread was over 500m (30+ chunks) from my base in a direction I rarely even travel. That far away is well beyond the normal game loading distance, so I asked about rifts in the Dimensional Doors thread on the Minecraft forums.

The mod author, stevenrs11, responded saying that rifts are tile entities in the game (you can look that up on the wiki, but those are usually blocks that hold more information than normal). He's noticed the rifts are unintentionally staying loaded outside of the normal range recently, which will be worked on.

So, what was happening was that the rifts were staying active even while I wasn't nearby, allowing them to multiply/spread and spawn Endermen. Thus, the spread became so large that Endermen in that area hogged the spawn cap so nothing else could spawn.

Thankfully, it is a situation that can be easily dealt with, as long as you know where it's at. This was far enough away that I could've gone a while before locating it myself. If it wasn't for the extra JAS commands provided by Crudedragos, I'd still be tearing my hair out trying to figure out why my game was "broken".

Also, I should mention that Dimensional Doors does have a detailed config file that allows for changing the settings of rifts and other things. This will allow you to tone down or even disable rifts until they are fixed.

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