Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Complexities of Interdimensional Travel

I decided to finally take the plunge and investigate some of the dimensional dungeons offered up by the Dimensional Doors mod. I knew going in that death can come quick and unexpectedly, so I stored my best gear away and opted for something I wouldn't mind parting with... just in case.

After traversing death pits, crushing corridors, greed traps, mysterious rooms of levers, and a labyrinth of passageways, I passed through a wooden door to find myself in a previously unexplored area of the Twilight Forest. I was about 800 meters from my portal home, and began making my trek back.

About 130 meters from my portal, I climbed a steep hill and saw an Enderman clutching a dirt block. Pretty typical, and I made sure not to look him directly in the eye (remember, my good gear was stored safely at home). I realized the ground was very uneven with hardly any grass, it was patchy all over as if some creepers had blown up in close proximity of each other or something.

It was then that I saw a few more Endermen, and the unmistakable particle effect of unstable rifts. Trying to avert my gaze so as not to anger the Enders, I was able to see a rather large spread of rift damage and probably something around 60 Endermen, all happily pilfering blocks. This image shows just a sample of what I saw (taken after I crossed the area and carefully peered back).

While I've not had the best luck at hunting Endermen recently (I'm in need of a good deal of Ender Pearls), this was a bit too much. I'm going to have to head back there and try to repair the damage done. Perhaps I can contain the rifts to a "manageable" level and work out an Enderman farm of sorts.

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