Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Plunder Rummage in Other Dimensions!

I've been trying out the relatively new mod called Plunder Rummage, which adds treasure maps that drop from monsters. Arkenor Oakshadow recently showcased it during his Let's Play series, and he was rather frustrated by some of the structure generation (like huge trees popping up to hide treasure in). I can't blame him, as he's been meticulously grooming the nearby wooded areas for bee/tree breeding (from the Forestry mod).

Anyway, one topic of debate was whether or not the locations of treasures were restricted to the Overworld. While cleaning up my rift mess in the Twilight Forest (see previous post), a treasure map dropped off an Enderman. I used it, and went to the location indicated. I found the chest, in the Twilight Forest.
Here's the map to the new location.
You can see, I'm in the Twilight Forest.

While trying to complete the stages, twice I was directed towards the dark forest biome. I'm guessing because of the thick canopy (or perhaps the modded leaf blocks), Plunder Rummage has a hard time placing the chest on the ground. Both times I found the chest sitting on top of the canopy (thanks to the mysterious dots seen on Rei's Minimap).
I'm not certain if this is true for all dimensions, but it definitely works in the Twilight Forest. That leads me to believe the same would go for any other mod-added dimensions, and perhaps even the Nether and End (though the Nether's bedrock ceiling may also interfere heavily).

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