Saturday, December 28, 2013

Metaworlds - A Truly Unique Mod!

I'm impressed by a lot of things mod creators come up with. Camouflaged blocks, mobs with unique qualities, and items with amazing abilities are all pretty cool and very enjoyable, but often not mind-blowing. Sometimes though, a mod comes along that just defies all logic and really makes you take notice.

Metaworlds looks to be one of those mods. Before I explain any farther, just look at this simple picture:
That is not an optical illusion - some of those blocks really are at an angle. How does that work? Well, according to the description on the mod's forum page, it's basically a game save file within your game save file - a sub-save... or "metaworld" in this case.

These metaworlds can be edited directly in-game, allowing you to move them around, make them rotate or fly, and even scale their size! If that's not crazy enough for you, try this - everything still functions. Chests, furnaces, and yes even redstone all work regardless of position or size!

Here's Captain Sparklez showcase video where he puts the mod in action. It's pretty wild stuff.
I've yet to try this mod for myself, but was so amazed by what it's capable of that I felt I had to mention it straight away! Hopefully, I'll find some time to give this a go... it looks incredible.

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