Friday, July 4, 2014

A New Steed, A New Server, and (Good) Old Games

It finally happened - after many years of exploration and countless realms conquered, my old warhorse rides no more.

A storm came through at the end of last month, and I unplugged my PC to protect it. The next day, it wouldn't turn back on. The power supply is running, but all I get is a blinking orange power light and the green blinking light attempting to check the DVD drive. From what I've gathered, that usually means a problem with the motherboard, which makes sense considering its age.

I'm currently on a borrowed, equally old machine temporarily as I wait for a better computer to arrive within the next few days. I'm pretty excited to be getting an upgrade, but in the meantime I'm stuck with a machine that has only integrated graphics (and no slots for any cards I own). What's a gamer to do?

Play some retro games, of course! Last month I was ensnared by Steam and GOG's Summer Sales, picking up some discount titles. While I can't play most of the games I recently bought right now (which is really frustrating), GOG has about a dozen classic titles for free which will run on just about anything. It's something to do while I'm waiting, and some of the titles are actually pretty good.

Also, some big news for dinosaur-loving Minecrafters: The Fossils and Archeology Revival mod has been updated, along with the public server! They've made it to 1.6.4 and the server has been reset. The newest updates to the mod include many more skeletal models, coelacanths, and the gallimimus to name a few! Be sure to check out their Minecraft forum page for the latest version!

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