Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Video Card Woes, Warmachine: Tactics, Mordessa and Deneghra

My new PC is here and working... kinda. I've been having major trouble getting my video card to work. I'm going to try some other cards soon and hopefully I'll get this mess straightened out. I'm finally using a "modern" OS (Windows 7-64bit from WinXP SP3), and to be honest it feels like more trouble than it's worth.

A number of older games require a lot of extra tweaks and setup just to get them running. To get Gothic I running on Steam, I ended up restarting the PC about 6 times, installed a mod, installed Microsoft Compatibility Administrator, downloaded a file to install through that program, and made several compatibility mode changes to files. You know what I had to do on XP? Just click the 'Play' button. Is backwards compatibility for the 32-bit PC era really that difficult?!?

Anyway, tabletop gaming fans will enjoy this bit of news - Warmachine: Tactics is now on Steam Early Access! Check out the awesome launch trailer:

Until I can sort out the graphics card situation, I'm checking out some old titles I picked up during the Steam summer sale. I've been playing a lot of Enclave lately, mainly because I enjoy the art style. It mostly reminds me of the Warhammer Fantasy setting, which I'm really fond of. Though Steam tags the game as RPG, it's really an action game in a high fantasy world.

While playing, I ended up completing the Light campaign and began the Dark. Your missions in the Dark campaign are primarily given to you by an evil sorceress named Mordessa, who I think may be the inspiration for Cryx's warcaster Deneghra in Warmachine. Here, take a look!
Mordessa from Enclave
Deneghra from Warmachine

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