Sunday, March 12, 2017

PC Died Mid-Stream, Temporary Focus Shift

Last week while livestreaming, my PC's power supply went belly-up. I've been having minor issues with it off and on (no pun intended) the last 6-8 months, so I'm not too surprised that it finally died. Other priorities got in the way of me replacing it sooner, and now I really have no choice but to get a new one.

I still haven't gotten to see if the rest of the system is OK - nothing looks damaged, but that doesn't mean much of course. If only the power supply needs replaced, I should be up and running again soon-ish (say within a month). If something more serious was affected (let's hope not), the delay will be quite a lot longer.

In the meantime, I'll be focusing a little more on my Etsy shop with some new designs! I'll post new items when they become available, so stay tuned!

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