Friday, March 28, 2014

Origin - Free Games "On The House"

I'm going to openly admit that I'm not much of a fan of EA Games for a number of reasons, but I'm also a sucker for free stuff.

EA recently announced their "On The House" promotion, where they will periodically offer full versions of games, free of charge and no strings attached through Origin.

The first game up for free is Dead Space, initially released in 2008. Yes, it's an older game but what do you expect? This at least gives people a chance to play something they may have passed up before at no cost.

If you're not interested in Dead Space, keep an eye out because other games will crop up from time to time. Note that each game is available free for a limited (and unannounced) time, but it's yours to keep if you take advantage of the promotion.

Obviously, the "On The House" program aims to bolster use of Origin in the hopes of getting players to purchase other titles. It works pretty well for Steam and others, so why shouldn't EA give it a try?

This means more competition for how games are distributed online, and competition means more options and deals for consumers. Viva la free games!

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