Thursday, March 13, 2014

WAR Stories - The Creeping Corpse

I mentioned a while back that I would tell some of my most memorable stories from playing Warhammer Online, and I was a bit hesitant to do that as I thought I lost all my screenshots. Stories are nice, but some visuals really help break up the wall of text.

While doing some computer maintenance the other day, I happened upon a number of WAR pics from previous adventures. Now seems like a good time to tell those tales and share those images.

Halic, The Creeping Corpse

Meet Halic, my witch hunter. Halic enjoyed seeking out adventure everywhere and anywhere.
 He visited the leaders of all the Order cities, who usually sent him on missions far away... most likely in hopes that he would never return.

Like a bad penny though, Halic would come back, and eventually the leaders started ignoring him entirely.

Halic took to finding more unconventional means of adventure, scouring the city for anyone in need of help.

Adventure, anyone? ...Anyone?
I don't think I'll be accepting quests
(or anything else) from this guy.

Eventually Halic found action on the fields of battle, hunting down heretics and the servants of Chaos. One such day, he found himself at the ominous Highpass Cemetery.

Actual image missing.
Here's an alternative death screen.
Order and Destruction were vying for control of this location, and after dispatching numerous foes, Halic was struck down.

(Note that death comes frequently in RvR, and while it makes little sense from a lore standpoint, characters respawn after a moment to rejoin the action. Not that I'm a fan of permadeath in most games anyway.)

Upon resurrection, Halic wasn't quite himself. Though quite alive, his body continued lying about like a corpse. When he raced across the battlefield, he slid along the ground on his back. Oddly enough, he could even fight quite well while appearing to remain motionless.

Using this knowledge, Halic crept across the graves of the eerie cemetery, playing dead until opportunity presented itself with a lone straggler. Slinking up from behind, the last thing Halic's prey would see was what appeared to be a corpse writhing on the ground, thus foreshadowing their own fate...

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