Monday, March 24, 2014

WAR Stories - Lands Most Odd

Welcome to what I believe will be my final tale from adventuring in Warhammer Online. This one is actually less of a story and more of a "look at what I found" kind of post, so enjoy the show!

Stinkvat, the Explorer

After the first server merge, Stinkpot the goblin shaman needed renamed. I think the game recognized the word 'pot' and thought I was making a drug reference in my name, so I had to alter it. Once I got things straightened out, I set off exploring, questing, and grinding achievements.

Eventually I got bored and started wondering if the game had any hidden areas... and if I could find them. I used to explore all types of hard-to-reach places in WoW via careful jumping and those wonderful Noggenfogger potions and figured it was worth trying in WAR as well. It turned out there were many spots to go exploring, and even a few surprises to be found!

I'd like to explain the wheres and hows of getting to these spots, but I did this a number of years ago and have since long forgotten all that. On to the pics!

I found these guys not long after hopping up some foothills and exploring the highland a bit. I've never actually seen test NPCs hidden in a live MMO before, so I thought this was an exciting find!

Unfortunately, they didn't do much but walk around in a little group. My guess is someone was testing how a patrol of several members would work and forgot to remove them.

Moving on, I made my way to a canyon of some kind. I peered over the edge to discover some missing terrain, which is common when exploring these areas.

What was not common was the castle hidden underneath! From this angle I could see a large hallway, but it seemed there was much more to it.

Following the edge, I ended up at a zone line and could see even more of this hidden fortress. By the design it appeared to be a High Elf structure, and I was worried it could contain guards that would be none too pleased at the sight of a goblin wandering around. I kept my distance a good while and sought out a way to view the place from a different angle.

Working my way around the building, I found some water to swim in that allowed me to see from underneath the terrain.

I swam around the castle, snapping these images as I went.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no safe route back out of the water I had gotten into. This is also common - you're in a place you're not intended to be and often there is no way back. Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to get closer...this was the end result.

 As you can see, there clearly were NPCs in the castle. I think I died from falling out of the world, I don't really remember. In any case it was a fun little journey and I got to see things not meant to be seen.

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