Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Abobo's Big Adventure - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

A nostalgia-filled adventure featuring the real star of Double Dragon!

Abobo's Big Adventure blends a number of classic NES games with some '80s references (and a generous helping of crude humor) to provide a hilarious trip down memory lane.

You play as Abobo, the most memorable villain of the Double Dragon franchise. Your son, Aboboy, has been kidnapped and you go on a rage-filled manhunt across the world of NES to find him! A handful of beloved classics are represented - from Legend of Zelda to Punch-Out - with a bunch of guest appearances by other NES favorites.

While this game is most noted for being packed with NES and '80s references, I'm more impressed by the recreations of the game worlds. Each level feels and plays a lot like the original title its based on, with notable exceptions for nostalgic and comedic purposes. You get hit once during the Contra stages, you die (but the Konami code is there to help!), and if you have full health during the Zelda levels, your weapon shoots. The ridiculous mash-up of characters and settings is just icing on an already delicious NES cake.

Even as the levels change, there is one constant - that of Abobo's violent rage. As you defeat enemies and collect powerups, you'll build a rage meter. When it's full, you can activate a super attack that does massive damage to everything on screen. I should also mention that the game has a number of secrets worth finding as well, giving it some replayability.

If the Nintendo Entertainment System was part of your childhood, by all means do yourself a favor and find some time to enjoy Abobo's Big Adventure!

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