Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kripp's Hearthstone Ranked Play Rant

Since this is a Kripp video, chances are you've already seen or read about it, but I'm reposting it for sake of completeness.

I think Kripp hits multiple nails on the head here, as he mentions problems that affect more than just Standard Hearthstone play. The new player experience right now is possibly the worst ever, even with Standard's smaller card pool.

Most of my gaming friends have been playing Hearthstone for a while now, and like myself, have built up a fair collection of cards, gold and dust over time. When new expansions come out, most of us don't have a lot of work to do to stay current.

A few months ago, a couple of holdouts finally decided to give the game a try. I gave them as much help as I possibly could and welcomed them to join my circle of Hearthstone friends. Long story short, they gave up about two weeks ago. 

Despite all the tips and additional friends to learn from and play against, it wasn't enough. They felt the game was too reliant on having "the right cards" to actually succeed, and obtaining said cards was too slow of a process (short of paying cash up front).

If the meta was more diverse (and a bit slower), players wouldn't feel pressured into having all the cards necessary to play the winning decks. There would be a little more room for experimentation, and they might even be able to do alright with a few suboptimal cards. This pretty much was how things worked a couple years ago - it wasn't perfect then either, but you at least had the opportunity to experiment.

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