Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hearthstone - Questions v. Answers

I found a great video by AsmodeusClips that thoughtfully presents some of Hearthstone's fundamental problems and provides a couple of suggestions toward fixing them. The type of game he claims Hearthstone could be (with actual play/counterplay) shows up sometimes in Tavern Brawls, and they end up being generally well-received. 

I for one would love seeing "answer" cards with more utility/options. I've never been a fan of 0-mana ramp, as it causes problems similar to those of Dark Ritual and Moxen in MtG. The big mechanic stuff (like Blood of the Ancient One) I don't mind so much, maybe because they're simply impossible to pull off (thus rarely if ever seen), since Hearthstone's meta has almost always favored aggro decks.

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