Saturday, February 4, 2017

Path of Exile - Week 3 - MMOMG

This is the final MMOMG episode for Path of Exile. I really wish I hadn't played this game through Steam, as connectivity seems to be such an issue for it. I lost a lot of time I had set aside to stream it, simply due to being repeatedly disconnected.

As usual, I thought of a few more points I wanted to make after I had the entire video nearly done. I was able to add it to the episode via text, but it's not quite how I would like it. Gonna chalk my errors up to having a cold all week - yeah, that's the ticket! For those of you who read these posts, I'd like to stress two positive features of the game I didn't verbally include in the video.

The community overall is pretty helpful and friendly even to new players. I saw a lot of newbie questions repeated in chat throughout the month, and never did I notice a rude reply - often, it was followed by a straightforward answer, which is refreshing compared to most games' online communities.

Also, the cash shop has no "pay to win" features. It's mostly cosmetics that frankly look quite nice (that stormcaller stuff had me drooling a bit). You can also get more stash tabs, which is convenient if you're going to play a lot of alts or contributing to a guild, but not really necessary.

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