Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Eternal Senia - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Brave dangers and face fears to save your sister from a mysterious power!

Eternal Senia is an action adventure title with a large RPG influence and one heck of a story. You play as Senia, a girl that's ventured to the mysterious Tower of Eternity in hopes of tracking down your sister - a priest that went on a secretive mission and has been missing for the last three days.

In terms of gameplay, the title is somewhat similar to the classic Legend of Zelda, complete with hidden treasure chests and puzzles. It adds in several RPG elements though - there's crafting to upgrade gear, experience levels with increased stats and special attacks than can be improved as you see fit. This amount of customization really helps to give the game a unique identity, as it feels like a true hybrid of adventure and RPG that few titles seem to get right.

The game's developer (Holy Priest) intentionally designed it to be a casual experience, without having a high learning curve or difficulty level. The earlier sections of the game may have you thinking there's no challenge, but as you get farther in you'll find some fairly hectic boss battles. Managing your health is the primary mechanic, as basic monsters deal damage in return for you attacking them. Some mobs have their own attacks, though, and bosses typically have several tricks up their sleeves. If you do find the bosses to be too easy (or difficult), you can opt to challenge them on a different setting, which is a great addition.

While I liked the idea of crafting your own gear, obtaining the materials meant a bit of mob grinding. It wasn't enough to stall the pace much, but it doesn't exactly jive with the "I need to hurry and find my sister" story that the game revolves around.

Speaking of which, the story for Eternal Senia is quite touching and well-written. The history between these sisters is periodically revealed in the form of flashbacks that Senia has due to... well, let's just say they're explained too. Hopefully without giving too much away, I'd like to say that the creators of Mandagon (played a few weeks back) should take notes if they want to present a story about making sacrifices for the ones you love.

As if all that wasn't enough, the game also has optional completionist quests and several different game endings! Eternal Senia is an easy title to recommend, and is perhaps among the best free titles on Steam developed by one person.

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